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Greater is the Gift of Giving

Greater is the gift of Giving

Australian Marine Conservation Society shares poster to raise funds, help Sharks, thanks to Share The Word Design Studio. LINK

Do you want to help us put a stop to the Shark cull proposed by the Western Australian Government? We understand that one can feel helpless and overwhelmed when faced with issues of environmental protection. So we have created two simple avenues for you to add your support to protecting our sharks.

1. Add your voice to thousands of others and sign the petition to call on the Government of Western Australia to rethink its plans to bait and kill sharks. Let us raise our voices together, in strength so that the message becomes loud and clear.

2. When you Buy this Poster, $2 of every sale goes to The Australian Marine Conservation Society*. These funds will help to keep the pressure on the Government to rethink their plan to kill sharks and other ocean wild life species.

Order online at:  PAYPAL PAGE

Available in A3 size on glossed paper.

Wholesale Price $12.50 (minimum order of 10)

Individual price  $20

(Gather your friends and buy in bulk to save on postage and carbon costs!)

Buy in store at:

A Mini Kitchen, Rye Victoria

Picknics café, Rye Victoria.

Friends of the Earth, Collingwood Victoria.

This poster was made by Share The Word Design Studio in conjunction with Christian Gundesen Ocean Art.

Special orders at different sizes can me arranged at email:

*The Australian Marine Conservation Society Australia is the only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

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Doing what you LOVE

In 2012, Josie Jones started to work with Picknics café and Captains Bar owners, Nikki and Tim Richardson to unearth the essence of their vision for their new boutique bar in Rye, Captain’s Bar.

In the first year, Josie created a branding strategy that communicated the fun and relaxed business culture of the seaside bar, and that delivered The Richardson’s key ideals and messages that they wanted to bring to the Mornington Peninsula Community and Visitors.

“When Josie came to work with us she truly listened to ideas and visions that we had for our business, combined that with her own amazing creativeness and style, and then produced artwork that was even better than we could have imagined!” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

The Richardson’s then enlisted Josie’s talents in the rebranding of Captain’s sister Café, Picknics a beachside café in Rye known for it’s hearty meals, great coffee and exquisite in-house baked delights. Josie devised an integrated marketing campaign to step Picknics into the contemporary business environment with a completely new Graphic Design Package, the establishment of a digital presence for the café, guidance in creating content for online media, and content marketing.

By 2013, the success of Josie’s Online Media and Print Advertising for Captain’s Bar was yielding measurable results and Josie was given free rein of Creative Director for the promotion and marketing for Captain’s second year. Josie planned a fun and dynamic promotional campaign, established content marketing and a social media following engaging the community with fun and fresh competitions and enticements.

With Josie’s fast, efficient and professional approach, Nikki and Tim were able to ground their visions and get on with that elusive thing of ‘doing what you love’ and dreaming up ways to build loyal customer base.

Captain’s Bar has run enticing weekly specials for which Josie created a series of Graphic Posters from her own original illustrations.  This wildly successful print campaign says Josie “I loved giving my skills to a local business,  as a way of communicating to the community my skills, as I had moved to a new area and knew no-one. With the creation of hundreds of items of artwork, it’s been an experience that I can only take pride in as I saw first hand the success it brought and the subculture it created”

“Everything Josie has made for us is INCREDIBLE. She has brought our businesses to life.” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

It was a common occurrence for tourists to photograph these posters upon their visits and the inquiries to buy the posters keep rolling in. It is apparent that Josie Jones’ Poster Art – with its clean lines, beguiling colour palettes and with a stroke of genius in every image – continues that rich history of the ability of Poster Art to speak a visual language that people can really connect with.

You will find Captain’s Bar and Picknics café on Rye Front Beach, Mornington Peninsula 2285 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Nikki and Tim will create their own branding and communication efforts, as of June 2014. Josie wishes them every success as they take on an exciting new venture with the Picknic Basket. For more of Josie’s Poster art look to Elk at falls and her latest project with I‘m really a mermaid an environmental initiative.

She thinks outside the box

Creative Director and Award Winning Designer, Josie Jones, is known for her ability to make striking Graphic Design Campaigns, Logos, Branding, Online and Print Media, but it could be said that Josie’s real talents lie in her ability to connect so profoundly with her clients.
This talent is not just customer focused marketing but that obscure ability to create rapport. How does she do it? With mental agility, earnestness, cultural nous? Sure. But also with a mysterious quality of intuitive intelligence that somehow allows her to get inside her client’s vision.
This is teamed with an eccentric edge that allows Josie to think outside the box and take inspired risks calculated with the benefit of research and years of experience.
All this results in your job, whether it is a Strategic Marketing Campaign, Brand Strategy, Logo and Graphic Design, Content Management, packaging, print and online media, SEO, media releases, the creation of a website, with e-commerce or a Global Marketing Campaign, being developed with the clearly defined vision and with a client focus.
Not only that, but it is delivered in a timely and efficient manner by a professional with the skills of a project manager, the visual elegance of an Art Director, the edge of an International designer and the warmth and dedication of a friend.

Top ways to get noticed

Everyone has a different approach to getting noticed. I’m sure in here you’ll find one to suite your approach

  1. Sponsor a contest. When you can find a larger business that’s running a contest, sponsoring it with your cash, products or services can put you in front of a lot of people throughout the entire promotion. People like to win – and you want to be associated with that powerful emotion.
  2. Create your own contest. Don’t let the other people have all the fun – turn the tables and create your own contests. You can use your own offerings as prizes, or seek out sponsors who will spread the word to their audiences about the promotion.
  3. Open your mouth. Public speaking is a huge way to get your brand seen – find relevant groups to speak to as often as you can. Teach what you know and position yourself as an expert that other influencers will talk about in the future.
  4. Open your ears. Again, turn the tables and invite someone interesting to speak at your offices – and then put the word out to the people you want to reach to attend and hear the speaker for themselves.
  5. Host someone’s event. Organizations and groups that can help spread the word about you often like to meet at different places throughout the year. Find a group you want to get noticed by, offer to host their next event, and use that time to network with them.
  6. Host your own event. No matter what you do, there’s something interesting you can create an event around – for example, host a industry-relevant workshop or create your own networking event.
  7. Write a book. There’s no mistaking it – business owners who write books get more attention and are perceived with greater authority in their field. Find something meaningful to your industry and write something worth reading.
  8. Offer “meta”-consulting services. Another way to get people to see your business as an authority worth talking about is to offer consulting services around your area of expertise. For example, if you are a software company, you can offer a small workshop on how to write better software.
  9. Get interviewed. Publications (both online and offline) are always hungry for content. Find a media outlet that serves your target audience and arrange an interview with them to get in front of qualified prospects.
  10. Get reviewed. People make buying decisions – and judge your brand – by the reviews they read. Offer your products or services to reviewers in exchange for a thorough writeup on their experience.
  11. Get “stepping stone” referrals. Think about the products and services customers go to right before they look for your offerings, and make arrangements with those providers to bring you up as a referral to their customers.
  12. Be a newsmaker. Both local and national outlets are always on the lookout for compelling stories – so give them one. Find a way to showcase something your company is doing that is cutting-edge, human-interest or unique.
  13. Get behind a cause. This goes beyond the one-time contest sponsorship at the top of this list – become part of the yearly fundraising efforts of a worthy cause and you can find yourself getting repeated exposure each time a new fund drive begins. The positive PR doesn’t hurt, either.
  14. Create a referral program. Finding new customers is expensive, so create an incentive for people to spread the word about you. A generous referral commission program may get your company all the word-of-mouth business you can handle.
  15. Start a blog. You don’t have to be a “pro blogger” to start a blog – a basic company blog that has regular updates can bring you significant amounts of web search traffic over the long run (and in today’s world, it’s also a sign of being a business authority as well).
  16. Interview others. By featuring interviews with other people on your blog or website, you can tap into their audience as most people like to promote their own interviews.
  17. Write a guest post. Guest posting on a well-read blog is a powerful way to get in front of a new audience and get noticed. Find blogs that are targeted to your audience and follow some basic guest posting guidelines to get the most out of what you write.
  18. Feature a guest post. Tap into other’ audiences a second time by offering others the chance to guest post on your blog. As with interviews, they will spread the word and point people to your site.
  19. Participate on blogs and forums. Join comments and conversations on blogs and forums to boost your visibility in front of your target audience (and learn more about them at the same time).
  20. Take a stand. When you take an unconventional or controversial stand on something because you believe it’s right, you can get a lot of attention. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up and be known as someone who takes a passionate stance on issues.
  21. Work on SEO. Whether you have a blog or a website, your search rankings are only as good as your search engine optimization. If you don’t know where to start, read this article to learn how to get noticed by Google and company.
  22. Write a press release. People still write press releases because they work – when done right. Find a company that does it well and get the word out there.
  23. Start a newsletter. Having a regularly published newsletter tells people you have something worth reading and something worth passing along to others. Write useful content let your subscribers spread the message.
  24. Write articles. Another useful way to show up in search engines is to submit short, relevant articles to article directories around the web. You’ll not only create useful back links to your site, but position yourself to be found by more web searchers.
  25. Make a video. YouTube and other video upload sites can be powerful ways to get a fast-spreading message about your company out there. Learn from those who do “viral video” well.
  26. Do a podcast. Do a web search for ‘podcast’ and discover just how many web sites do interviews with people every day – and then line yourself up for an interview of your own.
  27. Get on the radio. Radio ads are expensive – but interviews are free. Brainstorm something newsworthy and contact your local radio stations to see if they’ll interview you about it.
  28. Offer a discount to other companies. Many employers and membership sites offer discounts on products and services to their members. By offering a discount of your own, you can get our name in front of all those people quickly and effectively.
  29. Trade ad space with a partner. Find a related company that has an audience you want to reach and swap ads on your website, blog or print publication. It’s easy, free, and can get you noticed by new prospects.
  30. Go “half-and-half” on ads. Big ads get noticed, but are expensive; consider splitting the cost with a relevant partner and making an ad that promotes both of you.
  31. Give publicity to others. In this world, givers get. Take opportunities to publicly spread the good word on other companies and what goes around will come around.
  32. Work the influencers. Get on good terms with industry influencers and help them find valuable contacts and solutions to their problems, and many will repay you by putting you in front of their audiences.
  33. Focus on a niche. It’s a lot easier to become a big fish in a small pond than the other way around. Once you’re a big fish in one pond, it makes hopping to the next one easier.
  34. Give incredible customer service. Nothing beats great customer service for generating word-of-mouth advertising. Go the extra mile for a customer and they’ll come back to you – with their friends.
  35. Do the right thing. In today’s world, people are jaded and skeptical of businesses – and with good reason. Surprise people by always doing the right thing and acting with integrity in all you do, and what goes around will come around. And that’s just good business.

There’s print and then, there’s print

People often get stuck when it comes to print

They want something that makes them go WOW! Working with print finishes are everything if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Standing out means knowing how to communicate the print you desire, it’s all about detail and there has to be a willingness to pay for it. Print is an understanding in itself, I liken printing to going to the right beautician. There’s ones that can do the standard procedures and you can come out feeling satisfied that you finally got it done. Then there’s the ones that know the difference in standards; who can produce exceptional results and have people raving about how awesome your print job is.

Next time you think to print, ask your designer about options and finishes.

It’s all about detail and if you want to invest your money wisely and strengthen your branding, be sure to print with a reputable printer and know your expectations on the end print result, before you approve the quote.

Become print wise, it pays.



Exceeding expectations

It’s the modern age and people expect more

More money, more time with family, more happiness, more, more, more.

Knowing your expectations reduces your stress and that is established in your first meeting with Share The Word Design Studio. Looking at your business requires you to sit down and get it all out. All those moments where you needed more and weren’t getting it.

Then we ask you questions and a process begins. You ask questions and every question is a good question, every idea a stepping stone to visions evolving. We then tailor a marketing mix suited to you, it’s not fancy guess work, it’s calculated and measured. It’s not full of promises and false hope, because you’ll feel the success before you experience it.

Planning is a key step in this process. Clients say to me often, I just needed to sit down and get this all out, I felt overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to go and who could help me.

Here is what one of our great clients said

You really need to experience a project using Josie Jones and Share the Word to see and feel the difference. There are no comparisons. When you are Josie’s client you feel like you are her only client. The accuracy, attention to detail and time management skills applied are absolutely second to none. I love the edge that has been put to my business. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, but share the word did.

Jill Cantwell,, Jools for Jim