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Doing what you LOVE

In 2012, Josie Jones started to work with Picknics café and Captains Bar owners, Nikki and Tim Richardson to unearth the essence of their vision for their new boutique bar in Rye, Captain’s Bar.

In the first year, Josie created a branding strategy that communicated the fun and relaxed business culture of the seaside bar, and that delivered The Richardson’s key ideals and messages that they wanted to bring to the Mornington Peninsula Community and Visitors.

“When Josie came to work with us she truly listened to ideas and visions that we had for our business, combined that with her own amazing creativeness and style, and then produced artwork that was even better than we could have imagined!” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

The Richardson’s then enlisted Josie’s talents in the rebranding of Captain’s sister Café, Picknics a beachside café in Rye known for it’s hearty meals, great coffee and exquisite in-house baked delights. Josie devised an integrated marketing campaign to step Picknics into the contemporary business environment with a completely new Graphic Design Package, the establishment of a digital presence for the café, guidance in creating content for online media, and content marketing.

By 2013, the success of Josie’s Online Media and Print Advertising for Captain’s Bar was yielding measurable results and Josie was given free rein of Creative Director for the promotion and marketing for Captain’s second year. Josie planned a fun and dynamic promotional campaign, established content marketing and a social media following engaging the community with fun and fresh competitions and enticements.

With Josie’s fast, efficient and professional approach, Nikki and Tim were able to ground their visions and get on with that elusive thing of ‘doing what you love’ and dreaming up ways to build loyal customer base.

Captain’s Bar has run enticing weekly specials for which Josie created a series of Graphic Posters from her own original illustrations.  This wildly successful print campaign says Josie “I loved giving my skills to a local business,  as a way of communicating to the community my skills, as I had moved to a new area and knew no-one. With the creation of hundreds of items of artwork, it’s been an experience that I can only take pride in as I saw first hand the success it brought and the subculture it created”

“Everything Josie has made for us is INCREDIBLE. She has brought our businesses to life.” ~Nikki Richardson, Owner.

It was a common occurrence for tourists to photograph these posters upon their visits and the inquiries to buy the posters keep rolling in. It is apparent that Josie Jones’ Poster Art – with its clean lines, beguiling colour palettes and with a stroke of genius in every image – continues that rich history of the ability of Poster Art to speak a visual language that people can really connect with.

You will find Captain’s Bar and Picknics café on Rye Front Beach, Mornington Peninsula 2285 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Nikki and Tim will create their own branding and communication efforts, as of June 2014. Josie wishes them every success as they take on an exciting new venture with the Picknic Basket. For more of Josie’s Poster art look to Elk at falls and her latest project with I‘m really a mermaid an environmental initiative.

She thinks outside the box

Creative Director and Award Winning Designer, Josie Jones, is known for her ability to make striking Graphic Design Campaigns, Logos, Branding, Online and Print Media, but it could be said that Josie’s real talents lie in her ability to connect so profoundly with her clients.
This talent is not just customer focused marketing but that obscure ability to create rapport. How does she do it? With mental agility, earnestness, cultural nous? Sure. But also with a mysterious quality of intuitive intelligence that somehow allows her to get inside her client’s vision.
This is teamed with an eccentric edge that allows Josie to think outside the box and take inspired risks calculated with the benefit of research and years of experience.
All this results in your job, whether it is a Strategic Marketing Campaign, Brand Strategy, Logo and Graphic Design, Content Management, packaging, print and online media, SEO, media releases, the creation of a website, with e-commerce or a Global Marketing Campaign, being developed with the clearly defined vision and with a client focus.
Not only that, but it is delivered in a timely and efficient manner by a professional with the skills of a project manager, the visual elegance of an Art Director, the edge of an International designer and the warmth and dedication of a friend.