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There’s print and then, there’s print

People often get stuck when it comes to print

They want something that makes them go WOW! Working with print finishes are everything if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Standing out means knowing how to communicate the print you desire, it’s all about detail and there has to be a willingness to pay for it. Print is an understanding in itself, I liken printing to going to the right beautician. There’s ones that can do the standard procedures and you can come out feeling satisfied that you finally got it done. Then there’s the ones that know the difference in standards; who can produce exceptional results and have people raving about how awesome your print job is.

Next time you think to print, ask your designer about options and finishes.

It’s all about detail and if you want to invest your money wisely and strengthen your branding, be sure to print with a reputable printer and know your expectations on the end print result, before you approve the quote.

Become print wise, it pays.



Exceeding expectations

It’s the modern age and people expect more

More money, more time with family, more happiness, more, more, more.

Knowing your expectations reduces your stress and that is established in your first meeting with Share The Word Design Studio. Looking at your business requires you to sit down and get it all out. All those moments where you needed more and weren’t getting it.

Then we ask you questions and a process begins. You ask questions and every question is a good question, every idea a stepping stone to visions evolving. We then tailor a marketing mix suited to you, it’s not fancy guess work, it’s calculated and measured. It’s not full of promises and false hope, because you’ll feel the success before you experience it.

Planning is a key step in this process. Clients say to me often, I just needed to sit down and get this all out, I felt overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to go and who could help me.

Here is what one of our great clients said

You really need to experience a project using Josie Jones and Share the Word to see and feel the difference. There are no comparisons. When you are Josie’s client you feel like you are her only client. The accuracy, attention to detail and time management skills applied are absolutely second to none. I love the edge that has been put to my business. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, but share the word did.

Jill Cantwell,, Jools for Jim

Where to begin

You hear it all the time
“Everything is moving so fast, you don’t know how to keep up”

Lets take the guess work out of this social media stuff and make it simple
Here’s 2 keys
Make it fun and be sincere. Living by these 2 principles in social media will not only have you taking the “speed”and “rate” of technology in your stride, but you will be having fun whilst doing it.
Social media is all about sharing news and views and whilst some of those things may pass like the wind, others may stick and begin to create change and influence and one of those things might be yours.

At Share The Word, we look after the social media interests of several well know clients, who genuinely care about being, up to date and in the game of social media influence, yet are time pressed and employ professionals like us to express their goals and philosophies and we do it with fun.

Having industry experience and the ‘where to go’ on: content, social links and the whose who of social interest, we take social media as an integral avenue for business to communicate in a fun and affective way, whilst building relationships with potential clients as well as industry associates.

The old ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’, is a great principle for social media
Use this to your advantage and others, take the time out to see what others are doing and share that news and before to long, you’ll find others will be doing the same for you.