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- As a Freelance Designer, I work through the Agency, to create for the associated brands.
Josie is incredible at what she does. She was the perfect blend of professional and personable. As small business owners we are passionate about what we do. Josie shares this passion which made working together to create the perfect brand for our new business not only easy but very enjoyable. Throughout the whole process she has been more than accomodating with deadlines, budget and even the occasional whimsical change in direction. We thought we would get a designer to do us a logo, we feel lucky that we stumbled on Josie as she has helped give our business its complete branding and I believe really helped our business to look a cut above the rest. Her actual design work is spot on- our brief of welcoming/ cool/ professional was a big spectrum to cover and we couldn't be happier with the finished product. We have new customers comment regularly on our signage, logos and business cards. I email and msg her regularly (which I'm sure drives her mad!) for ongoing support and development and she continues to excel. This is one very happy customer.
Alice Heath, Port Douglas, Australia
From the first moment I spoke to Josie I knew that she was the right fit for my business. Her professionalism, passion and enthusiasm shined through. Josie has this amazing ability to be able to really listen to your needs, she asked the right questions and was able to extract all that I had in my head into my website. She gave me direction, encouragement and trade tips. With Josie's guidance, and encouragement my business has gone to the next level. She is approachable, encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and confident, honest and brilliant and is multi talented. I love that she provided the whole package from designing business cards, A-frames, brochures to designing and building websites to social media she's the all round package. I feel more motivated, knowledgeable and empowered when it comes to my business thanks to Josie. 5 stars all the way.
Peita Carter, Bendigo
This is the second time we have placed our business in her hands. Josie is fantastic, she listens and is always able to develop our ideas. Josie is very professional in her work and is a talented graphic artist. We would highly recommend Josie.
Aloha Dog Grooming
In taking on a new business earlier this year my sister and I had a strong vision for what we wanted to achieve. We needed someone who would listen to us, test our thinking, help give it some shape and with us - bring it to life. Josie has been the perfect partner for us. Josie has listened (endlessly..) pushed us, questioned and never said - that can't be done. She got our vision straight away and jumped in. We have loved what she's produced for us and the care and time she has taken with us. She's a creative with flair but she's also grounded and realistic. We can't recommend or thank her enough. Love your work and your heart Josie Jones! Mel and Andie (SISCo Pizza)
Mel Gowe and Andie Town
Josie has been providing Rye Hotel with creative material for many years including managing our Social Media platforms. Her work is outstanding. We often work to a tight deadline, and to this end we know we can depend on Josie to meet these time frames, and rely on a high quality finished product. The relationship is highly professional, and with a natural flair for expression and detail, accompanied by a broad palette of creative talents, we naturally have no hesitation in recommending Josie Jones to other organisations demanding high caliber advertising marketing solutions. Here is an example of her latest work:
Vicki Bacon, Rye
It was a pleasure to work with Josie, So easy to get along with. Josie,totally understands on how to convey your thoughts and ideas to reality. She has always keep me in the know on where she is with the task in hand Excellent, Love your work
Carlo Possagno, Whyalla ,South Australia ,Australia
I have had the pleasure of working with Josie on two occasions now. Both times, she has come up with a unique design that has exceeded my expectations. She's ceases to amaze me with her versatility!
Beth Sheffield
When discussing with Josie the brief for some logo and artwork ideas for my Personal Training business, it became apparent I was looking for some very particular outcomes. I was after a simple “retro” type logo that would convey my business message, my love of running and fitness, as well as wanting to do as much of this whilst “Out & About” on our magnificent Mornington Peninsula. Josie has delivered on all counts. The final results are simply fantastic, and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome.
Chris O'Brien, Rosebud
Josie was a natural choice to help start my business. She understood the product and the vision. The logo, brand & posters she created reflect what I had imagined, only better! With a few guidelines she was able to bring it all to life. Along the journey, Josie continues to provide guidance to see you succeed in your venture. Josie, your passion is contagious and I thank you for that.
Magalie, Rye
I have used the services of Share The Word Design Studio, namely Josie Jones now for a number of years. I find her work to be innovative and original. Josie makes a point of understanding your business and believing in your product before she initiates her work, allowing me to always feel confident that I will get a superior job. Josie will always push to get jobs done on time, every time! Barry Johnston FIT Republic and Australian College of Sports Development.
Barry Johnston, Bendigo Australia
Wow what a woman. Josie Jones has been an inspiration to work with. Talented creative and dynamic. We have bounced off each other. Josie has helped me market all business units. Elk restaurant this snow season we achieved an 80% increase in our turnover. I attribute several factors for this incredible growth. Josie being a great part of this pushing our Branding, Consistency throughout our material, posters, facebook posts a true professional.Josie created a new website for Sorrento Catering "stunning, amazing, sensational!" are some of the words our clients have used. I have several clients wanting to use her services. A talent..
Barry Iddles, Rye. Sorrento and Falls Creek
I have been dealing with Josie Jones from Share the Word design studio for the past few years on a number of projects. it's the diverse range of talents, willingness to help and positive energy that sets Josie apart. Whether it's creating a logo, a brand, design layout for print and web, business marketing strategies or the best way to use social media representation, there are no limits with Share the Word. Managing time, workflow and deadlines are so important in any business, Josie has always been clear and prompt in communicating the design process and time frames. Josie has an huge understanding of honesty, professionalism and integrity and it shows with her work and relationships with clients. Being involved in a local community, we always hear great things about Josie and Share the Word design studio. An energetic can do attitude, passion for design and life, gives us full confidence in using Josie and Share the Word, moving forward with our business.
James Ross, Mornington Peninsula Gardens and Lifestyle Magazine
When I first started getting my business going, I didn't know where to start. I am so thankful to Josie for giving me such a sharp professional look. Plus all the great advice about branding that has made me standout from the crowd. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future . Regards Tim Sykes Director , Tim Sykes Designs pty ltd
Tim Sykes, Tim Sykes Design, Rye,Vic
As an artist I needed something and someone who could take what I do to another level. I can create beautiful pieces of art, but they need to be presented in a way that compliments it's beauty. Almost like an elegant gift needs to be wrapped to show it's value. Josie's work is that wrapping paper. Josie has given my work and me an identity a presence an elegance. She has also giving me a gift of her knowledge, experience, creativity and enthusiasm. She has taken Oceanart to a higher level of professionalism. I thank you Josie for seeing what you see and creating what you create and sharing that with me. We have had a Whale of a time :) From the bottom of my sea. Oceans of love and gratitude Christian Gundesen
Christian Gundesen - Oceanart, Oceanart - Hand crafted and Designed from Cuttle Bone
Share the Word is a truly dynamic and innovative design company. Lead designer Josie Jones’ ability to respond creatively to a variety of briefs and objectives is built upon an impressive ability to quickly get inside your needs as a client and to actively engage your target audience. I have brought a variety of local design projects from sophisticated way-finding and sustainable transport resources to brand development for a planning networking and advocacy organisation. Each time Share the Word has delivered beyond the brief, adding value and insight to projects, a rare skill that will benefit your next project immensely.
Robert Kretschmer, Bline – Federal Government transport initiative Vice President, Plan B – Young Planners Forum
Josie quickly identified our needs and presented us with options for both and API. It was made all that much easier because of her international branding experience and allowing us to cater not to just a western market but also an Asian market. We will recommend Josie and Share Design on any project requiring a cross cultural design and creative spirit.
Chie Yoshida, Marketing Consultant ARENA-KK Japan
Finding a graphic designer who can accurately represent the visions I have for business and/or personal projects is frequently challenging. In my ten years’ experience in marketing and communications, often working alongside graphic designers, Josie Jones stands head and shoulders above the rest for all the most important reasons: communication, passion, clarity, perception, energy, enthusiasm, connectedness, professionalism, delivery, quality, originality and an unbeatable can-do attitude. Working with Josie is both a professional partnership and an exciting and inspiring journey. The catch-cry of Josie’s business “Bringing your vision to life” is far from the usual spin – it’s an accurate description of my experience and the results of our collaboration.
Dr Danielle White, Transport Co-ordinator Macedon Ranges and Mt Alexander Shire

Working with Josie was fantastic. She listened, provided constructive and relevant ideas and, after hearing all of my ramblings, produced a logo and colour scheme package that I adore. My colleagues, who understand my vision, have all said the same thing about Josie's design. I feel like I have started my business on the right foot and I could not have asked for a more intuitive and collaborative Creative Designer.
Sue Mason
Josie has helped our business with design for our website, business cards, & facebook pages. With each brief, Josie gets the job done both quickly & thoroughly. She is fun to work with, & I really enjoy her passion for the task at hand. Choose Josie if you’re looking for an honest, professional & enthusiastic design consultant. Nick Foley (Chiropractor)
Nick Foley, Rye
We have enjoyed working with Josie, her eye for detail and knowledge of her industry. Josie has very artistic skills which we did not think would provide much benefit In our business. As it turns out, her presentation is excellent and we are very grateful for her detailed input.
Jeffrey Green, Victoria
Josie is an incredible and talented designer, I was lucky enough to be introduced to this amazing lady when I was talking to a friend and mentioned how well designed his logo was and that I loved his stationery. I have designed a few logos in my time and can recognise an amazing logo and design. I wanted my new venture to be the next level. I contacted Josie and I have never looked back. I was super impressed, she takes the time to listen to your needs, she understands how you can get overwhelmed with ideas, and breaks it down for you. Josie certainly understands the technical talk, in which I struggle with especially with Web design. She is passionate about her work and your business and it shows through her design. I am so grateful to have met this talented lady and I will be using Josie on a regular basis for my various marketing campaigns, I find myself getting excited to see what she has come up.
Jackie Green, Mornington Peninsula
Everything she touches turns to gold. Josie's an Oracle who takes on someone's vision. Her motives are watching your dreams become reality. She morally impeccable. Honor and respect her. Feel privileged and blessed she's helping you with your project. Her input is pure wisdom. Show patience and prepare yourself for consultations , the time with her is always quality and precious. Its a pleasure having you on my side Josie Jones
Simon Mulvany, Blairgowrie
We have had a fantastic experience working with Josie Jones. She has great ideas, and is very professional. Not only does she present new ideas, she listens to what you say and empowers you. She is very positive in her outlook and a pleasure to deal with. The business has increased since she did our branding concept and signage and we get comments every day on how great they look. Thankyou
Noel & Lyn Tregaskis, Rye
Working with Josie = working in Sunshine. She listens, interprets and delivers inspired product. Consistent,fearless, interested and passionate! It's ALL you can ask for and ALL you get! Plus the bonus of extraordinary intuitiveness.
Lisa Dempsey, St Andrews Beach, Victoria, Australia
We cannot thank Josie enough for everything she has created for both our businesses, she is amazing and I cannot speak highly enough of her and her work. Josie truly cares for your business and wants for your business what YOU want. She works with you and listens to ideas and visions that you have/hope for your business, and combines that with her own amazing creativeness and style, and then produces artwork that is even better than you'd imagined! The branding of Captains, the weekly posters and calendars, business cards, menus, online pages, the Re-branding of Picknics, all look INCREDIBLE and have brought our businesses to life. Not only that, she is fast, professional and so, so lovely, she is a true PLEASURE to work with and we cannot thank her enough. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone, and believe me I do!! You are a true treasure Josie and we love you!
Tim and Nikki Richardson, Captains Bar & Picknics Cafe, Picknics Cafe and Captains Bar Rye
Josie, thank you for your very professional work and attention to detail that has resulted in a new marketing concept for our Rotary Warehouse Opportunity Shop and Rotary Opportunity Shop. Your patience and professionalism through what was a complex and game changing process has given us our new look and we know it will help our ventures grow and prosper. We know how difficult it can be working with committees but you have ensured we did not end up with the proverbial camel! Your work will help us to increase our support for the community. We look forward to working with you in the future. Brian Davenport, Secretary, Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye
Brian Davenport, Rotary Club of Victoria
Where do I even begin? I feel so unbelievably blessed to have Josie Jones in my life, this little lady is so passionate about what she does. A complete perfectionist in every way. Working along side this incredibly talented and gifted woman has been an experience in itself. A Mini Kitchen wouldn't be half of what it is today without her help and guidance. I will never be able to thank her enough.
Amy Minichiello, Business owner of A Mini Kitchen, Rye
I am very thankful I was contacted by Josephine Jones in order to help her bringing a really exciting project to life. From the very beginning on she provided me with all the information I needed to be able to meet her and her clients expectations. Besides that, Josephine was highly committed to overcome the time and language differences among us to ensure a fluent development of the project. Each time the working-process caused any problems, she was looking for several solutions to make it as easy for me as possible to overcome them and to still meet the clients wishes. Her very optimistic and motivating work ethic made this commission to a worthwhile experience I did not want to miss. I would be happy to have the chance to work with her again to realize another challenging and exciting project. Josephine, I wish you all the best for upcoming projects. It was a pleasure to work with and for you.
Tobias Roetsch,
In the past I have partnered with Josie and Share the word on several occasions as a supplier for all of her large format digital print needs with jobs that dictate accordingly. I have found that Josie always goes the extra mile for her clients and pushes us as the job requires…colour matching, service providing, detail and deadlines are all of utmost importance to Share the Word clients and therefore of utmost importance to Josie. As a provider to Share the Word and STW clients I can honestly say…you’re in great hands. If she didn’t care why would we? However Josie does and she ensures all of her clients needs are met and drives me to do the same…which I’m happy to acquiesce as it’s refreshing to work with someone whose approach is honest and she actually cares about her clients and her clients needs.   That’s why she always delivers.   Yours truly,
Lillian Thoms, Sales Manager Metro Media Technologies
I have been privileged enough to work with many graphic designers over the years, but without doubt Josie is one of the finest industry professionals I have ever met.  Her work is delightful, witty, informed, and socially relevant – and her work ethic is second to none.   For the number of projects that we have collaborated on together, Josie has produced the finest quality results, often within tight deadlines, and always exceeding my expectations in terms of professional courtesy, well considered responses, and spot-on advise tailored specifically to my needs   Josie is a fine graphic artist of the highest calibre, and just as importantly a terrific communicator, who is capable of helping you to realise your vision for your business, and to bring together the often intangible elements that make the picture whole, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services”
Patrick Sloane, Cafe Owner and Consultant Melbourne


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