Greater is the Gift of Giving

Greater is the gift of Giving

Australian Marine Conservation Society shares poster to raise funds, help Sharks, thanks to Share The Word Design Studio. LINK

Do you want to help us put a stop to the Shark cull proposed by the Western Australian Government? We understand that one can feel helpless and overwhelmed when faced with issues of environmental protection. So we have created two simple avenues for you to add your support to protecting our sharks.

1. Add your voice to thousands of others and sign the petition to call on the Government of Western Australia to rethink its plans to bait and kill sharks. Let us raise our voices together, in strength so that the message becomes loud and clear.

2. When you Buy this Poster, $2 of every sale goes to The Australian Marine Conservation Society*. These funds will help to keep the pressure on the Government to rethink their plan to kill sharks and other ocean wild life species.

Order online at:  PAYPAL PAGE

Available in A3 size on glossed paper.

Wholesale Price $12.50 (minimum order of 10)

Individual price  $20

(Gather your friends and buy in bulk to save on postage and carbon costs!)

Buy in store at:

A Mini Kitchen, Rye Victoria

Picknics café, Rye Victoria.

Friends of the Earth, Collingwood Victoria.

This poster was made by Share The Word Design Studio in conjunction with Christian Gundesen Ocean Art.

Special orders at different sizes can me arranged at email:

*The Australian Marine Conservation Society Australia is the only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

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