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When you’re so busy doing, it’s not always easy to stop and see what others are doing. However, on the subject of finding a solution for rubbish and the way we manage it, we absolutely require to work together. Recently I was asked to participate in the Keep Australia Beautiful awards, requested by Michelle McCready of Renewable Resources of the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Inspired to make a difference for the better and be a part of working together, I felt making a submission was a chance to reach farther with my message. ‘I’m really a mermaid’ focuses on appealing to the emotion of the child within all of us and my mantra “if you see it pick it up” generated to inspire others to take action and therefore engage others about the importance recycling and really making a serious difference together.

Whilst ‘I’m really a mermaid’ is the perfect toilet door art; a message received in a selective environment in which we reflect. The mermaid messenger, known for bringing awareness to warnings of the ocean,  in the heart of its creator, this mermaid is inspired to believe that it’s not too late to change our habits, and understand rubbish, by making wise choices for every living being on the planet.

As a designer I feel, from the information I gather, that we can prevent a crisis, or let a crisis happen if we choose to change our ways. Whilst others focus on doom and gloom and others again take a positive approach, I prefer to see my view on environment, as one of facts  and behaviors and therefore a plan of action needed on global rubbish disposal.

It’s images like this shared by Greenpeace UK that are a constant reminder to me about the effects of laziness and plastics combined; a crisis in the making. Whilst most people think of rubbish in the form or packaging related to food waste, the likes of the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Described recently by KAB Facebook page when speaking on the subject of Good On You, is an ethical shopping assistant app, designed to push conscious consumers and their dollars towards companies who are all round environmentally, ethically and consciously creating a better world through the sale of their fashion/brand.

Writing a submission for the Gift Fund  and Litter Prevention categories allowed me to see where my passion really lay in rubbish. Whilst I  have a vision of recycling for Australia and globally, it’s my daily experience, that I am faced with, that propels me for change. The reality that plastic doesn’t break down naturally and that it requires our conscious effort of where we dispose of it, collect it, collate it and to break it down for reuse, is where my passion lays. I believe the future is in rubbish.

My submission to KAB was to immediately address my concerns, that I feel daily rubbish and recycling rubbish systems in public and private areas do not effectively dispose items into easy and effective ways to  break it down, recycle, up cycle, reduce, reuse and respect. I feel too much plastic is going to landfill, that given we do not know how to grade plastics effectively, these too, are destined for landfill and it is these plastics that I am wanting to collect, save and find ways to turn into working capital for the future generations. I believe that we need to change the perception of rubbish from non valuable to valuable, educating people on the benefits of responsible rubbish and we have then begun our journey to freedom for the future generations of this world we currently share.


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