Working together

“Those who are quick to criticize and slow to praise, bring down a team”

If you’re shaking your head, saying “I know one of these” then welcome to the club.
If you’re not, then, you’re either fortunate, never worked in a team, or come from another planet. The fact is, great teams are built on great members, all willing and able to participate with a common goal in mind. The thought of that makes my heart sing

That’s what makes our work unique: we whole heartedly care about your goal. In fact, most times, we assist clients in establishing clear goals and objectives. I liken what we do to a french expression ‘esprit de corps’ A direct translation means, the ‘spirit of body’, it’s actual meaning is ‘sense of unity,’ of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise or idea.

Employing a designer is all about team work. As a designer, integrity is everything, someone comes to you, with a part of them that they call, their dream, or their idea, their business, or their goal and that takes courage and trust.

Each time a new client finds me, the excitement that fills me, is what stirs the creative light within me, people often say to me, “you’re amazing”, they ask me “How do I do it” and really it’s simple. I know everyday I am part of a team, my team is not defined by a building I enter everyday, or a contract I am engaged in, but it is defined by opportunity.

After years of industry experience, I am fortunate to sit back knowing that at any time an opportunity to be [art of a spontaneous team can appear and my job is to do one thing and that is to define the goal and reach it with my client at the forefront of that goal. What a job I have, what a privileged position I am in and what an honor it is to serve as a valuable team member

Here’s 3 cheers to all my team members both past, present and future

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