Stop selling and start sharing

Stop selling and start sharing. The real key to true success and happiness in 3 words!

I often find people in business frustrated or complaining. If we are honest, we all go there at some stage, but why? When all seems to not be working, or if everything is working but you’re complaining, then you have lost sight of one thing.; your passion. Asking yourself why you are there, is a good start. If it’s to be better than someone or make more money, you may like to quit now.

Happiness is a huge indicator of success. People may walk around looking cool and acting like they have it all, but their happy smiling face and their generosity is a sure key that they know what their passion is and they are sharing it.

“Know your passion” Write it down, revisit it daily weekly or however long you need to, to ensure you are always on the path to success that you can humbly share with others

Be someone with a passion and share the happiness.

Here are 2 great tips

Encourage – rather than minimize – the creative person who lives within you

This creative person is part of your best self. We have learned to envision success as a process of following pre-established patterns; the person who follows the pattern mostly closely, we believe, is the person who will be most successful. This kind of thinking causes us to discount and devalue our own creativity, since creative thinking has a habit of leading us toward new approaches and strategies.  Make friends with your creative self and discover where your passion truly lies.

Learn to view everything as an opportunity

We have been inculcated with fixed notions of bad and good. These inflexible ideas can cause us to overlook opportunities for genuine growth and self-discovery. But what if that awful experience turned out to be the catalyst for energizing your best self toward the recognition of your true passion? It could happen.

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object? – Alan Watts


2 thoughts on “Stop selling and start sharing

  1. Know your Passion and Share it.
    You’re so right!
    Im so passionate about where sustainable practices meet creative expression! I’m going to share more of this on my page:
    Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Thanks Bel for dropping in.
      Sharing passions and loving what you do are keys to success
      You know as a designer that whilst being known for your brand and being popular is a great turning point for business
      Keeping your passion is what brings long term success to you and to others
      And that’s the rewarding part
      Ocean of Love

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