We are all stories in the end

Collaboration is one of the greatest ways to work.

I continue to say this, but my work is a privilege. Having your own business, requires you to go the extra mile and in doing so, you’re not about to chose just anyone, to assist you in getting where you’d like to be.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to see and be a part of some wonderful business decisions. Although most of the time, my work is behind the scenes, there are times where impromptu moments lead to recognition, like this advertorial with Tim Sykes Design

This advertorial will appear in the second edition of Mornington Peninsula Garden and Lifestyle Magazine. With it in production as I write, the initial production saw myself, with James and Kristen Ross working closely, along with some fantastic freelance professionals. The goal for me, was to always impart my skills to James and have him independent in his production and this has come to light in just the second production.

To produce a magazine takes more than design skills, however James has surely proved himself. As the creative process unfolded James came to me requesting my professional direction, which I gave with great enthusiasm; “seeing another issue come to life was genius for me” as this meant that success had been reached on the initial production and James and Kris were able to offer more people a chance to have their stories told.

We are all stories in the end.


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