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The One Tonne Mermaid – National Geographic

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am inspired by nature to create, as I do on screen. Graphic design is a passion for me, as is, free-diving the ocean to explore the marine life and collecting rubbish from ocean shores.

Today I was blown away to find my efforts of the one tonne woman had made it’s way to National Geographic Traveler. Titled the One Tonne Mermaid, the article  communicates well, my efforts to collect rubbish on  daily basis.

Whilst I don’t weigh in all that I collect, and as the article states I will continue to collect after the one tonne is met. I only weigh in the ‘hard to get’ rubbish. What do I mean when I say hard to get?

Each day I am collecting the ends of sushi containers, the random piece of blue plastic, the slither of lollies wrapper, the odd bandaid, cigarette butts, the ends of balloons, parking tickets, random glow sticks, tiny pieces of plastic, the list is endless and it’s tiny.

I feel the best part about what I am doing, is my enthusiasm. Everything I do, I do with passion, every walk I take, I think of ways to communicate to people to pick up rubbish, to recycle, and I’m determined to master this problem. Every dive I make, I hope to see one new kind of life and share my regards. One may call me eccentric but I’m far beyond that.

I have managed to maintain my gift for life, my enthusiasm and passion are child like, coupled with a mind that never rests to be a part of solutions and enough experience in life to recognize that nothing  comes without some sort of effort.

I encourage you, recycle properly, pick up rubbish if you see it and do your best to be an example, Our future really depends upon it.