Two things define you. Pateince and Attitude

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and, your attitude when you have everything. I believe that everyone would like to add the virtue of patience to his/her personal attributes. Patience gives to us something we can not achieve unless we seek its understanding. Patience gives, wisdom, insight, happiness, where trouble may normally reside, peace where stress can reign supreme and understanding that everything has a time.

In this modern age, we see people are less patient and more demanding, with an expectation that everything needs to be delivered quickly and with little intention. Whilst those of us who have been around a little longer, have come to see the rewards that come from projects or life experiences that evolve over time. Projects that required extra effort, where there was little to no reward in the process, but when the big day comes, it comes with glory, surrounded by those who sincerely enjoy your success and a heart felt gratitude which propels you towards yet another dream.

Our attitudes are born out of our understanding and whilst some people may be too busy judging or not admitting their low sense of self, by degrading others to make themselves bigger, there are those people in life who truly seek to first understand. In doing so, it gives them a great sense of peace, in turn patience and therefore a brilliant attitude in any situation. Whether it be success or challenges, they are able to see the wisdom in any experience and share this those they love and cherish.

As a designer and creative director on the Mornington Peninsula, I work with many variations in character and find that people react in variant degrees of stress and anxiety through a design process. It is, and can be a stressful process to communicate to someone else their inner desires and to feel they will be successful in achieving the picture they have inside their head.

This is the part of my work that I love, as I am a visual communicator and whilst a person describes to me the thoughts and feelings they have towards their work, desire, product or outcome. I am able to visually see what they are saying to me, it’s this library mind of reference that inspires me to create for others and whilst not all designers are visual thinkers, we are as stated in our previous post, “designers are problem solvers’ and we love solving the distance between one persons mind to the reality of visual communication.

So the next time you’d like to see where you are going, take a look at your attitude and be patient with yourself. Take the time to truly express your vision, because your dreams are real and they’re important  to be realized, as they make up the puzzle of this glorious world we live in.



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